Beauty Clinic

Beauty Clinic events: a success signed by Cerri Italia

Experience our exclusive technology with an event Beauty Clinic

What is a Beauty Clinic event?

It is an informative day in which we involve together your customers (actual and potential) interested in knowing a solution for the beauty of the face, body or hair. This day is a powerful tool to give the opportunity to the invited people to be able to join personalized treatment programs at preferential conditions, thanks to you and the Partnership with Cerri Italia. It is therefore an important economic advantage for them that, at the same time, gives you the opportunity to assess customer interest in the technology presented and to collect a «treasury» before making any rental decision or partnership.
You are supported by the Team Cerri Italia
The event Beauty Clinic is the tool of excellence to start a great new business (face, body or hair) with the best technologies made in Italy, without costs and initial investments. Precisely for this reason, it is essential that it is organized to work of art. To better support you in this process we decided to put at your disposal our competent Staff, at no cost, before becoming our Partner. We will help you organize the event, bring target people to your studio or center and present the non-invasive aesthetic solution you have chosen for the occasion.

Why do we want you to experience a Beauty Clinic event?

During the meeting with one of our Advisors we will explain the methods of this project and, if you want, we will put you in touch with some of your colleagues who have already chosen to experiment with our solutions: you will also feel directly from their experience how a Beauty Clinic event works. We are so confident in the validity of our proven solutions, that we will help you to organize the Beauty Clinic event without costs and initial investments, so that you can evaluate our work and get to know us before making any decision.
Before you see, evaluate, check the interest of your customers, their willingness to adhere to the proposed treatment paths and the investment they are ready to support for their beauty. With this important information and with the «treasury» that will be created thanks to the Beauty Clinic event, you can evaluate whether to start a Partnership with Cerri Italia without buying and incurring costs or initial investments.
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