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The Beauty Pharm Project of Cerri Italia

The world enters the pharmacy
of advanced non-invasive aesthetics

The advanced non-invasive aesthetic enters the pharmacy thanks to the Beauty Pharm Project of Cerri Italia. The world of pharmacy is evolving as a result of the Ministerial Decrees on the «pharmacy of Services», which provided for the provision of new services and professional services by pharmacies. In this scenario it becomes important for the pharmacist to prepare properly and know how to seize the opportunities offered by the new market segments, first of all that of advanced non-invasive aesthetics. The Aesthetics and Wellness sector is unquestionably the most expanding market in Italy; an inexhaustible reality in contrast to the «crisis» with an estimated turnover of 18.2 billion euros per year (Istat data). The reasons for this continued growth? Life expectancy and social role in various ages has increased, we want to grow old later and better, we like to take care of ourselves, keep fit and be more beautiful inside and out.

The non-invasive aesthetic is easy thanks to the Cerri Partnership formula

Cerri Italia proposes itself as an expert Partner for the pharmacist interested in evaluating the customer satisfaction index for non-invasive Aesthetic Services,offering him the possibility to enter this market without initial investments. Thanks to the Formula Cerri Partnership you start to do business in the aesthetic sector, without the risk of business, taking advantage of a network of skills, services, methods, solutions and training courses that facilitate the start-up of the new service.

Advanced non-invasive aesthetic solutions are provided, requiring at least a cabin and a license of aesthetics, as well as self-treatment technologies freely available to customers in the pharmacy environment without dedicated facilities. It is easy to become a Partner of Cerri Italia: talk to one of our Advisors and start to increase the service offer of your pharmacy.

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