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Shapetonic RFSystem

Radiofrequency and Microcurrents for reshaping, slimming, firming, rejuvenating

Radiofrequency: an intense bio-active energy remodeling and anti-aging. Here is the new technology for body and face: Shapetonic RfSystem.

RFSystem Radio Frequency Massage: a charge of vitality with intense energy transfer

Radiofrequency, what is it for? It is said. This technology is based on the controlled transmission of a pleasant RF energy to the tissues, resulting in the development of an intense biologically active thermal effect. Il massaggio a Radiofrequency massage can have several applications:
  • Face radio frequency
  • Body radio frequency
  • Radiofrequency against cellulite.
At all these levels, Radiofrequency has really numerous benefits. On the face there is an attenuation of the skin folds and a filler effect of wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, lip nose wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, expression wrinkles, wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or neck wrinkles. Thanks to the Radiofrequency, moreover, it is determined a distension of the traits and a perceptible rielasticizzazione of the skin, with increase of the density, the tension, the tone and the luminosity. The application is, then, particularly indicated in the treatment of imperfections of the body caused by fat and cellulite – such as cellulite in the legs or cellulite in the abdomen -, as well as in skin firming and general improvement of skin quality. At the body level, tissue activity and nutrition are optimized, the natural process of fat burning is promoted and a sensitive surface ritonification develops with «stretching effect» on the skin laxity.
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The Shapetonic RFSystem project: Radiofrequency and Microcurrent treatment paths

n the Shapetonic RFSystem project, the research has been developed with the aim of realizing an innovative, complete and diversified method of body and face application. In the firming body treatment pathways, the transmission of the two forms of energy (Radiofrequency and Microcurrent) takes place in an automated way through the application of special adhesive plates and electrodes. In facial treatments, Radiofrequency involves the manual application of the massage, using the dedicated energetic handpiece, while the path with Microcorrenti to the face is fully automated.

Lightening and shaping: the RFSystem slimming

The slimming process involves the combined application of Radiofrequency and special Microcurrents to the body. The synergy of action developed determines a series of thermal and dynamic activities, which promote the natural process of fat burning, with progressively reducing, slimming and reshaping action.

For cellulite and fat mass: Radiofrequency and Electrolipolysis

The fat and cellulite tissues absorb optimally the Radiofrequency energy for the body, which thus develops a positive thermoactive effect localized at the level of the unaesthetic bearings. Electrolipolysis works: the combined action of Radiofrequency and Microcurrents of aesthetic electrolipolysis, in fact, plays an efficient attenuative lipolytic action, ideal even in the most problematic situations, reducing the volume of fat mass and improving the deficient nutritional situation of the “cold” cellulite tissue.

Reducing excess liquids with hydro-regulating action: Radiofrequency and Drenomassaggio

The energy of Radiofrequency is combined with the particular microcurrents of sequential drenomassaggio for the treatment of skin imperfections and body imperfections, attributable to the water imbalance of tissues and lymphatic stagnation. This facilitates the natural process of collecting and eliminating liquids and waste, reducing the volume of the treated areas, helping to optimize tissue activity and also improving the epidermal appearance.
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Tone and Muscle Shape: The Pleasant High Energy Electrostimulation with RF

Aesthetic electrostimulation is a specific method indicated in cases of muscle and skin relaxation, with loss of tone and elasticity, and in situations of generalized disharmony. The new electrostimulation technique involves the combination of pleasant high-energy microcurrents with the biological action of low-intensity Radiofrequency which optimizes the condition of the elastic fibers and supporting tissues, completing the firming action of the body at the surface level.

Anti-aging & Facial Rejuvenation: RF Energy Massage

As we said, however, the face Radiofrequency is also decisive. It gives a new charge to stressed and relaxed facial tissues with improved skin trophism and a filler effect of wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, lip nose wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, expression wrinkles, wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or wrinkles on the neck. The Radiofrequency energy massage visibly relaxes facial features by developing an aesthetic lifting «stretching effect». The facial tissues regain volume, tone, density and brightness, for a pleasant sensation of epidermal freshness.

Research, Innovation, Experience

The equipment for aesthetic use of the series Avantgarde apply advanced and exclusive treatment methods and are entirely designed and designed by researchers Cerri Italia of Milan, a company specializing in the production of methodologies and equipment for aesthetic use, with over 60 years of industry-specific experience.

Technical characteristics

Art. 2454 Shapetonic RFSystem Operating system: multimethod with Radiofrequency and Microcurrents Output channels Radio frequency: 4 (8 plates and 1 Power Handpiece) Microcurrent output channels: 4 left and 4 right (16 electrodes) Programs and Paths of Treatment: various programs organized in automated phases Radio frequency: 500 khz. – max. 30 w. per channel Microcurrent frequencies: 10 to 4,000 Hz. Power consumption: 400 w. Power supply: 230 v. – 50 Hz. Machine body dimensions: cm. 50 x 36 x 21,8 h Total dimensions with trolley: cm. 50 x 56,2 x 110 h
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