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Oxylab Vantage: Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Electroporation and Radiofrequency. Beyond the simple oxygenation of the skin of face and body

in a single system Hyperbaric Oxygenation, Electroporation and Radiofrequency for the oxygenation of the skin of face and body. It is a new synergy of action for tissue rejuvenation. The Oxylab Vantage methodology uses the best technologies to offer a unique and extraordinarily effective tissue rejuvenation treatment. The exclusive application of hyperbaric oxygenation, with 95% pure oxygen, for a positive treatment of hyperbaric oxygenation and hyperoxygenation of epidermal tissues, merges with the action and benefits of electroporation, to convey to the desired depth high concentrations of active ingredients, as well as with the firming energy of radio frequency, for the general improvement of skin quality. A unique and synergistic stimulation, which goes far beyond the simple treatment ofhyperbaric oxygenation alone.

Hyperbaric oxygenation and pollution. Our tissues are in oxygen debt

The air we breathe is commonly composed of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Pollution changes the quality of the air, which is under-oxygenated, thus influencing the state of our organism and our tissues. The oxygen debt that is created tends to favor the aging process of tissues, resulting in dehydration, loss of tone and appearance of roughness. For this reason, an adequate hyperbaric oxygenation treatment is necessary.

Hyperbaric oxygenation, what is it for? It is pure energy for our tissues

The hyperbaric oxygenation treatment transfers 95% pure oxygen to the tissues, resolving the oxygen debt, counteracting skin aging for a smoother, brighter, more compact and hydrated skin. The revitalizing action of hyperbaric oxygenation treatment improves cell metabolism, promotes the activity of collagen fibroblasts, stimulates tissue renewal and tends to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and skin folds.
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Electroporation and electropores: deep intradermal delivery

Face and body electroporation is a physical process that increases the permeability of skin tissues: it facilitates the temporary formation of electropores and facilitates deep intradermal delivery. Electroporation and radiofrequency are a combination solution to give the skin a new youth. Through the selection and modulation of particular microcurrents, in fact, thanks to the aesthetic electroporation it is possible to determine the depth of penetration, also facilitating the passage of high molecular weight products such as hyaluronic acid. Not surprisingly, the combination electroporation-hyaluronic acid is one of the winning cards of this powerful and innovative technology.

Benefits of electroporation face and body: the active ingredients become intradermal

The Oxylab Vantage method uses the high-concentration cosmetic active ingredients of the X-Energy Line for the best treatment synergy with hyperbaric oxygenation, electroporation and radiofrequency. The products are formulated in freeze-dried cosmetic preparations, in order to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness. The preparations, at the time of application, are mixed with vials of additive, serums and gels according to the biological effect sought. Thanks to the deep intradermal delivery of hyperbaric oxygenation, electroporation and radiofrequency, the activity of the active ingredients is optimized.

RFSystem radio frequency massage: a perfect synergy with hyperbaric oxygenation and electroporation

The Oxylab Vantage treatment is completed with the application of RFSystem radio frequency. A pleasant RF energy is transmitted in a controlled way to the tissues. The user immediately experiences a pleasant feeling of relaxation while, at the tissue level, develops an intense thermal effect biologically active. The resulting action is particularly performant in the treatment of the main imperfections of the face and body. Among the main applications of radio frequency, we find in fact:
  • face radio frequency
  • radiofrequency cellulite
  • radio frequency legs
  • abdominal radio frequency
  • glutes radio frequency
Aesthetic radiofrequency therefore brings countless benefits to adipose and cellulite problems, improves skin firming and involves a general improvement in skin quality.
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Radiofrequency, what is it for? It is versatile and versatile: for cellulite, fat mass and tissue firming

Radiofrequency technology develops a multi-active action, which optimizes tissue activity and nutrition, promotes the natural process of fat burning and improves the difficult situation of «cold» cellulite zones. The body radiofrequency to reduce cellulite is in fact very powerful: radiofrequency energy treatments can be used to effectively shape the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite and fat. By using RF energy to heat fat deposits under the skin, tissues are strained and blood circulation is increased, which over time helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The energy of radiofrequency also develops a sensitive surface ritonification, with «stretching effect» on skin laxity. The ritonification caused by radiofrequency means skin firming, firming of the face, firming of the body: in a word, firming of the skin in general.

Rejuvenation of the face & anti-aging RFSystem: the pleasant effects of energy massage

The controlled transmission of radiofrequency energy on the face, in addition to being particularly pleasant, produces a softening of the skin folds and wrinkles with filler effect, a distension of the strokes with lifting effect, as well as a perceptible re-election of the skin with increased density, tension, tone and brightness.
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