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Dermage RFsystem

Dermage RFsystem: rejuvenates the face, reduces wrinkles, develops an aesthetic lifting effect of the face

Innovative energies to counteract the signs of time

Skin aging: what is it? ? It is a phenomenon that gradually manifests itself. That imperceptible veil of fatigue on the face gives way to visible and well-defined signs. Superficial tissues lose tone, decrease skin hydration and elasticity and wrinkles appear, such as:
  • wrinkles on the forehead
  • lip nose wrinkles
  • wrinkles under the eyes
  • wrinkles of expression
  • wrinkles on the sides of the mouth
  • wrinkles in the neck.
From here to the total weighting of the image of the face, the step is short. To counteract this process, it is necessary to exploit in a synergistic way energy sources capable of restoring tone and shape to the muscles and tissues, thus re-harmonizing the entire physiognomy of the face.

Specific anti-aging treatments. Synergy energies: Radiofrequency, Vacutonic Face with Photomassage and Micro Lifting

To achieve results that go beyond the good final effect, it is necessary to work in synergy. Combining the most advanced methods of anti-aging facial treatment means reaching performances of higher levels, more evident and rewarding for the customer, such as a greater re-harmonization of the oval of the face, more marked smoothing of wrinkles and brighter skin. This requires a combined strategy that combines the technologies of Radiofrequency of the face, Vacutonic Face with Photomassage and Micro Face Lifting.

The RFsystem Radio Frequency Massage: pleasant sensation, evident results Radiofrequency, what is it for?

It is said. Thanks to aesthetic radio frequency, a pleasant RF energy is transmitted in a controlled way to the tissues. The user immediately experiences a pleasant sensation of relaxation and epidermal freshness, while an intense biologically active thermal effect develops on the face. The resulting action is particularly performant for the attenuation of skin folds and wrinkles (filler effect), for the relaxation of the traits (lifting effect of the face)and for the perceptible re-election of the skin with increased density, of tension, tone and brightness. The energy of radiofrequency develops a sensitive surface ritonification, with «stretching effect» on the skin laxity. The ritonification caused by radiofrequency means skin firming, firming of the face: in a word, rfirming of the skin in general.
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The Vacutonic Facial Treatment with Photomassage: firm tissues, rejuvenates the face

Vacutonic Face promotes elasticization, maintenance and toning of tissues: thanks to the positive action of light, it produces a pleasant anti-aging effect. The treatment also improves the surface micro-circle and develops a delicate hydro-regulating draining action. Draining fluids is, in fact, particularly important to keep the skin of the face always young, beautiful and smooth for a long time.

The Aesthetic Micro Lifting: soften the signs of time, re-harmonise the image of the face

The exclusive treatment of Micro Aesthetic Lifting exploits the effectiveness of the myodermal massage to visibly reduce the skin imperfections of the face, caused maybe by senescence, reduce tissue fatigue and relax the micro-tensions that cause unpleasant expression wrinkles, such as:
  • Expression wrinkles of the forehead
  • mouth expression wrinkles
  • wrinkles in the eyes.
The method acts on several levels (lymphatic, epidermal, muscular and cosmetic), performing an important action on the facial appearance. The stimulations that it develops are pleasant and relaxing and are transmitted through micro-currents modulated specifically for aesthetic use anti-age.

The Dermo-Exfoliant Method: Gently renew facial tissues

It is a new system of dermabrasion of the soft cosmetic face, dedicated to the wellness sector. The Dermo-Exfoliant method is able to revitalize the connective tissues of the face with an extraordinary delicacy. Its operation involves the aspiration of small portions of fabric and their simultaneous sanding, using disposable accessories that offer maximum hygiene and safety.
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The Dermo-Exfoliant Treatment: aspirate, exfoliate

This treatment is based on two essential actions: aspiration and exfoliation. The aspiration favors the epidermal stimulation, improving the micro-circulation, the oxygenation and the tonicity of the treated facial tissues. During the suction, the skin, held in tension, is ready for the exfoliating action and is then subjected to a delicate smoothing. The exfoliation of the face is, in fact, a particularly important step to return the skin that aspect of freshness and youth that we all aspire. By using the Dermo-Exfoliant handpiece following the path of the lymphatic channels, a draining effect is also achieved. Draining fluids, as we said, is a decisive step to keep the skin of the face always young, beautiful and smooth for a long time. The treatment is ideal for the face, with evident results on the roughness and thickening of the skin, but also lends itself to other applications, such as body exfoliation, so as to prepare the whole skin to specific anti -age, toning, elasticizing and rejuvenating.
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