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The targeted and customized solution to stop hair loss and have hair younger, thick, healthy and beautiful

Cerri Italia is a success story of Made in Italy in the world, matured in over sixty years of constant entrepreneurial commitment, to create high quality ideas and products. Founded in 1958, the company has developed specific expertise in the design and manufacture of aesthetic and medical equipment for non-invasive medical aesthetics, Pharma Wellness, beauty centers, Beauty Farm and Tricology. Today Cerri Italia products are present in over thirty foreign countries and are used daily, with success, by thousands of qualified professional operators around the world.
In particular, the Trichoklinik Project aims to provide a serious scientific approach to block hair loss and, more generally, improve the vitality and morphology of the hair in a lasting way. Hair care plays, in fact, an important role in the life of every person. Having bright, thick, healthy and beautiful hair supports the desire to be, appear and feel young and fit.
Almost all of the world’s population (men, women, young and old) is afflicted by hair problems. Among the main ones, we find:

  • Thinning hair in women;
  • Thinning hair in man;
  • Thinning hair on the sides;
  • Thinning hair at the temples;
  • Hair loss;
  • Dull and dry hair;
  • Matte and frizzy hair;
  • Fine and thin hair;
  • Fine and porous hair;
  • Fine hair that breaks;
  • Fine hair at the tips;
  • Fine hair at the root;
  • Brittle hair that breaks;
  • Hair brittle and thin;
  • Brittle hair falling out.

The most common type of male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia, affects 70% of men and 40% of women at a certain stage of their life. But androgenetic alopecia can be cured. It is not by chance that the demand for effective and resolving trichological treatments is constantly growing. The TrichoKlinik Project offers the opportunity to enter this rich market quickly, easily and scientifically, starting immediately to develop the new business of hair rejuvenation.

Treating androgenetic alopecia
Weakening, aging and hair loss are situations that normally generate a psycho-emotional response that triggers the search and the need for a prompt recovery. The man typically has a thinning of the hair at the temples and hair loss at the top, while on the other side there is mainly a thinning of the hair in the frontal woman.
What is the Tricho-Testanalysis Hair Health Test?
It is the hair test performed with a microphone in polarized light. This technique, unique and patented, allows you to evaluate more than one hundred parameters, thanks to such a careful examination of the health of the hair. It is performed in exclusive laboratories accredited by Cerri Italia and carried out by medical specialists and trichologist biologists. The hair is the biological memory of our state of health and the Tricho-Testanalysis indicates, in real time, what happened and is happening in the hair analyzed, indicating the causes of aging and hair loss.

How do you do it? What does it tell me?

This hair health test is simple and non-invasive. The Tricho-Specialist performs a hair withdrawal within the Trichoklinik and sends them to the accredited laboratory Cerri Italia. The results are made available in a short time together with the topical treatment Tricho-X-Energy customized. The examination provides the following information on the health of the hair:
  • The structure of the hair bulb with its images;
  • Content of toxic minerals and nutritional minerals;
  • Action of vitamins;
  • Amino acid structure;
  • Content of hormones;
  • Appearance and efficiency of fibroblasts;
  • Presence of infectious and parasitic agents;
  • Physical, mechanical and chemical injury;
  • Hair breaking load;
  • Tricogram with the evolutionary phases of the hair;
  • Tricho-X-Energy topical treatment customized.
Training course carried out in collaboration with Qualified Body and Certificate
The Trichoklinik Project aims to provide a serious scientific approach to improve the vitality and morphology of the hair in a lasting way, to understand how you can stop hair loss and to return to all bright hair, thick, healthy and beautiful, in order to feel young and fit. Particular attention is paid to the training of the figure of the Tricho-Specialist: a specialized operator who works within the Trichoklinik in collaboration with the doctors and trichological biologists of the accredited laboratories Cerri Italia. The qualification of Tricho-Specialist is awarded by a qualified and certified body (selected by Cerri Italia) after attending a training course and passing a final exam. Depending on the training received, the Tricho-Specialist operator is able to better manage the application of the Tricho-Experience Method, thus ensuring the best results.
The educational scientific profile

The Tricho-Specialist acquires knowledge of the technical-scientific and practical issues related to the management of the Trichoklinik Project.

In particolare, sono approfonditi i seguenti aspetti:

  • Anatomy, sheath of hair follicles;
  • Hair bulb;
  • Abnormalities of the stem and factors of hair damage;
  • How to prevent aging and hair loss;
  • The Tricho-Testanalysis examination and the value of this technology;
  • Hamilton’s Ladder;
  • Application of the Tricho-Experience Method;
Are you interested in this technology?
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It is a unique and patented method, supported by medical-scientific supervision and a series of over 13,500 cases treated. The Operating Protocol of the Tricho-Experience Method is customized for each treated subject and is managed by the Tricho-Specialist in collaboration with the doctors and trichological biologists of the accredited laboratories Cerri Italia.
  • Step 1: Hair Extraction and Tricho-Testanalysis. The Tricho-Specialist carries out a first examination of the health of the hair of the subject to be treated and provides for the collection of the sample to be sent to the accredited laboratory Cerri Italia.
  • Step 2: Tricho-Oxygen preparatory treatment. One month preparatory phase. The protocol provides one or two weekly sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation Tricho-Oxygen with the use in the nebulized phase (OxySpray) of a specific product Tricho-X-Energy.
  • Step 3: Topical cosmeceutical application Tricho-X-Energy. Doctors and trichologists of Cerri Italia accredited laboratories prepare the kit of custom cosmeceuticals and send it to Trichoklinik together with the results of the test and the methods of application. The treated subject proceeds to self-treatment for about forty-five days.
  • Step 4: Tricho-Ledlight activating treatment. Thirty days activating phase with Tricho-Ledlight energy. The protocol provides for one or two weekly applications lasting fifteen minutes on clean scalp.
Are you interested in this technology?
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