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Cellulipo Sonic

Cellulipo Sonic: Transdermal Lipo-Sonication & Radiofrequency

Innovative energy against fat and cellulite to streamline, reshape, firm and rejuvenate

Cellulite, how to eliminate it: Cellulipo Sonic, the double energy that gives more value to the results
The decisive action of Transdermal Lipo-Sonication to treat fat and cellulite, combined with the energy of Radiofrequency to firm the skin of the body, firming the skin of the face and to improve overall skin quality: this is the winning formula of Cellulipo Sonic, the combined treatment able to act in a decisive and evident on the aesthetic imperfections of body and face. An effective and safe system able to exploit the results by reducing the operating time, valid especially against:
  • Cellulite in the legs;
  • Cellulite on the buttocks;
  • Cellulite in the arms;
  • Cellulite in the abdomen;
  • Cellulite in the thighs;
  • Cellulite on the hips;
  • Cellulite in the knees.
Cellulite, what to do? Try Transdermal Lipo-Sonication: a new milestone in the treatment of fat and cellulite
Transdermal Lipo-Sonication marks a new benchmark in the treatment of fat and cellulite. Its principle allows to obtain, progressively, a more precise and evident reshaping of the body in all safety. The excellent results achieved so far testify to the achievement of a new milestone in the programs for:
  • Slimming the legs;
  • Slim the arms;
  • Slim the hips;
  • Slim the abdomen;
  • Slim your face.
Micro bubbles, macroaction
Lipo-Sonication technology is based on a physical phenomenon called Sonication. When a fluid is subjected to the action of a particular and intense ultrasonic field, it generates within it microscopic bubbles. Under certain conditions, these microbubbles tend to implode, producing a wave of energy. Transdermal Lipo-Sonication does nothing but reproduce the physical phenomenon within the adipose tissue, exploit the energy produced by microbubbles to mobilize the fat cells and thus put the adipe ko.
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The RFSystem Radio Frequency Massage: pleasant, intense and effective
This technology is based on the controlled transmission of a pleasant RF energy to the tissues, resulting in the development of an intense biologically active thermal effect. Radiofrequency massage can have several applications:
  • Face radio frequency
  • Body radio frequency
  • Radiofrequency against cellulite.
At all these levels, Radiofrequency has really numerous benefits. The resulting action is particularly performing in the treatment of inestetismi della pelle come skin blemishes, such as fat and cellulite, body firming and general improvement of skin quality.
Radiofrequency, what is it for? It is versatile and versatile against fat, cellulite, to firm the skin of the body and firm the skin of the face
RFSystem Radiofrequency technology develops a multi-active action that optimizes tissue activity and nutrition, promotes the natural process of fat burning and improves the difficult situation of “cold” areas dominated by dcellulite. The energy of Radiofrequency also allows you to go to tone the body with “stretching effect” on skin laxity.
Rejuvenation Face & Anti-aging RFSystem: the pleasant effects of Energetic Massage
The controlled transmission of RF energy on the face, in addition to being particularly pleasant, produces a smoothing of the skin folds and wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, lip nose wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, expression wrinkles, wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or wrinkles on the neck. This also determines a distension of the strokes (lifting effect) and allows you to go to stretch the skin in a perceptible way, increasing its density, tension, tone and brightness.
Transdermal Lipo-Sonication, Radiofrequency Body, Radiofrequency Face
The Cellulipo Sonic is equipped with handpieces specific for the application of different treatments.
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