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Oxywell Dermolift RF

Oxygenation combined in five anti-aging phases. Beyond simple tissue oxygenation

Directly from Cerri Italia laboratories, here are totally innovative anti-aging technologies, created to offer a unique and extraordinarily effective tissue rejuvenation treatment.

Step 1: Dermo-Exfoliant micro-dermo abrasion, to gently renew facial skin tissues

The Dermo-Exfoliant method is able to revitalize the tissues of the skin with an extraordinary delicacy. This treatment is based on two essential moments: the first action is the aspiration, the second is the exfoliation of the face. Aspiration promotes epidermal stimulation by improving microcirculation, oxygenation and tonicity of treated skin tissues. The suction keeps the skin in tension and predisposes it to the action of a gentle exfoliation of the skin, subjecting it to a delicate smoothing.

Phase 2: Oxygenation. Pure energy for our tissues, remedy against skin aging

The new tissue oxygenation treatment transfers to the skin an air mist enriched with oxygen, resolving the «oxygen debt» that counteracts skin aging, making the skin smoother, brighter, more compact and hydrated. The revitalizing action of tissue oxygenation improves cell metabolism, promotes the activity of fibroblasts, stimulates tissue renewal and tends to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and skin folds. To be applied in synergy with the products of the Age Repair Oxygen line.

Step 3: RFSystem Face Radio Frequency: Pleasant Feeling, Noticeable Results

Thanks to rradiofrequency, , a pleasant energy is transmitted in a controlled way to the tissues. What are the benefits of radiofrequency? Simple. The user immediately experiences a pleasant sensation of relaxation and epidermal freshness, while an intense biologically active thermal effect develops on the face. Radiofrequency works: the resulting action, in fact, is particularly performing for the attenuation of wrinkles and skin folds (filler effect), for the relaxation of the strokes (lifting effect) and for the re-election of the skin, with increased density, of tension and brightness.Aesthetic radio frequency is therefore one of the winning cards of this extraordinary anti-aging technology.

Step 4: Micro Myodermal Facelift to soften the signs of aging and re-harmonise the face

The exclusive micro-lifting treatment exploits the effectiveness of the myodermal massage to visibly reduce skin imperfections from senescence, reduce tissue fatigue and relax the micro-tensions that cause unpleasant expression wrinkles. The method of micro lifting acts at the muscular level, performing an important action on the facial physiognomy. The stimulations developed are pleasant and relaxing and are transmitted through specific anti-age microcurrents.

Step 5: Photoled mask at 638 nanometers

Treatment of photoaging: what does it mean? This method uses the positive energy of light, emitted with a specific wavelength of 638 nanometers, to develop a photo-stimulating biological action with progressive tissue revitalization. The treatment with Photoled Mask has been designed to act through different emission cycles, for a general rearrangement of the image of the face.
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X-Energy Line: in synergy with energy

Age Repair Oxygen: a vital force with oxygenating and energizing action on the skin. X-Energy Age Repair Oxygen products contain an innovative eco-certified active ingredient based on pure Marine Plant Plankton. This active ingredient is composed of unicellular algae that derive, store and increase the yield of vital energy from sunlight. Marine Plant Plankton contributes to the oxygenation of the deep tissues of the dermis, fixing the oxygen derived from sea water, for a moisturizing, toning and anti-wrinkle. Plankton, in synergy with other active ingredients such as Aosaine and Argireline, contributes to the creation of effective anti-aging facial solutions in the treatment of rejuvenating skin, relaxed and with roughness.
Age Repair Moisturizing Oxygen: Moisturizing and nourishing active oxygen with Aosaine Intensive treatment in ampoules. By combining the lyophilized preparation with the additive solution, a high-performance anti-aging face solution is obtained, which, supplemented by Marine Plant Plankton, develops active oxygen. Aosaine derived from algae has a strongly moisturizing and nourishing effect, while allantoin has a dermoprotective and soothing. Active Ingredients: Plankton marine plant, Aosaine, Oryza sativa, Allantoin.
Age Repair Lifting Oxygen: active oxygen with anti-aging lifting effect with Argireline Intensive treatment in ampoules. By combining the lyophilized preparation with the additive solution, an energetic anti-aging lifting effect mixture is obtained that, supplemented by Marine Plant Plankton, develops active oxygen. Argireline, a similar botulinum peptide, attenuates the depth of wrinkles and prevents skin aging of the face, while allantoin has a dermoprotective and soothing action. Active Ingredients: Marine Plant Plankton, Argireline, Oryza sativa, Allantoin.

The active ingredients of the Age Repair Oxygen line

Aosaine (Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca extract)

It is an extract of the Aosa seaweed, whose botanical name is Ulva Lactuca, which grows in Brittany on the cliffs of the Bréhat archipelago. The main component of the elastic fibers of this green algae is a protein particularly rich in proline, glycine and lysine. To resist the impetuosity of the waves, which crush it on the rocks, it has developed an efficient structure of elastic fibers that bind the cells firmly, thus preserving their tissues from the harmful effects of compression and crushing.
Aosaine preserves the integrity of the elastic fibers of the tissues by inhibiting the action of elastase, the enzyme that degrades the proteins of elastin and collagen. In vivo studies have found the following benefits on skin treated with Aosaine-based products: inhibition of the elastase enzyme resulting in increased elastin and collagen, improved cellular respiration, increased skin tissue regeneration, visible reduction of wrinkles, with an increase in vitality and brightness of the skin.

Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) It is a new cosmetic active ingredient of synthetic origin. An anti-aging hexapeptide prepared to counteract the release of catecholamines, which contribute to the formation of wrinkles and light lines of facial expression. The Argireline intervenes by reducing the depth of the skin folds caused by the contraction of the muscles of facial expressions. It is therefore an essential treatment to mitigate:
  • wrinkles of the forehead;
  • lip nose wrinkles;
  • wrinkles under the eyes;
  • wrinkles of expression in general.
This treatment prevents skin aging induced by repeated facial movements and caused by the excessive release of catecholamines.
Allantoin It is found in nature in the borage plant Symphytum Officinale L., but is usually used in synthesis. It comes in the form of crystals (or white powder) colorless, odorless and tasteless. Allantoin, anti-reddening and soothing, has a moisturizing action and facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients in solution, softening the stratum corneum. It also promotes rapid cell proliferation and is a strong antioxidant of the skin.

Oryza Sativa Rice Powder

It is an excellent ally of the skin for its moisturizing, soothing and nourishing properties.

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