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X-Body Concept

Model the image with a multi-active and integrated system for breast, buttock, face and body treatments

X-Body Concept: the new multiactive project

The X-Body Concept project features the most exclusive professional methods to effectively address practically all the main aesthetic issues that concern the breast, buttocks, face and body, with special:
  • Beauty treatments at the breast;
  • Beauty treatments for buttocks;
  • Non-invasive facial beauty treatments;
  • Anti-cellulite body beauty treatments.
The various forms of energy managed by the machinery are integrated into two computer systems that act in synergy for the search for the best aesthetic result at a global level: the Vacushape System and the Multienergy System.

Vacushape System

This system uses the technology of decompression rhythmic massage, whose effectiveness and pleasantness are now proven internationally. In the Vacushape system this method is combined with other forms of energy (I am and Photomassage), is modulated appropriately and is applied to tissues for many treatments, including:

  • Slimming leg treatments;
  • Body slimming treatments;
  • Slimming abdomen treatments;
  • Leg drainage treatments;
  • Draining body treatments;
  • Anti-cellulite drainage treatments;
  • Body shaping treatments;
  • Body firming treatments;
  • Buttock firming treatments;
  • Face firming treatments;
  • Breast firming treatments;
  • Thigh firming treatments;
  • Abdominal firming treatments;
  • Cellulite firming treatments;
  • Facial rejuvenation treatments;
  • Neck rejuvenation treatments.

The Vacushape Subdermic Massage: an innovative system with Rollers, Spheres, Photomassage and Sonomassage

The Vacushape system incorporates a new concept of subdermic massage, based on the combined use of rollers and spheres, the positive energy of light (Photomassage at 638 and 904 nanometers) and ultrasound (Sonomassage). The treatment protocol includes a first automatic phase of preparation of the skin tissues, by applying ultrasound (Sonomassage), then move on to manual massage with rollers, spheres and Photomassage. The roller handpiece generates a controlled depression, sucking the skin and forming a skin fold that is effectively massaged with a movement of «rolling and unrolling». The Vacuspheres sliding massage technique is used in the treatments with the ball handpiece.

The Vacushape Breast & Buttock Treatment: improvement of the silhouette with the «Expansive Gymnastics»

The Seno & Glutei method involves the use of particular volumizing cups specially modeled for aesthetic breast treatments and beauty treatments for buttocks. The machine then automatically performs the massage, in a controlled and delicate way, by rhythmically sucking and decompressing the treated area, practicing a pleasant «expansive gymnastics». This results in an improvement in the texture of the skin tissues, with a visible increase in breast volume and a fundamental action, of course, to increase the volume of the buttocks.

The Vacushape Facial Treatment: skin tissue firming and facial rejuvenation

The application Vacushape Face promotes elasticization and maintenance of skin tissues, and is decisive for ttoning the skin of the face. In this way, a pleasant anti-aging effect is obtained, stimulated also by the positive action of light (Photomassage). The treatment also improves the superficial skin microcirculation and develops a delicate natural hydro-regulating draining action.

Multienergy System

Based on the experience developed with multimethod projects, all the most active methods using the specific action of micro-currents in aesthetics have been included in the Multienergy system. To optimize the treatments, the pleasant and energetic microcurrents are emitted in synergy with ultrasound (Sonomassage) and with the photo-stimulation of light (Photomassage at 638 and 904 nanometers). The application procedure is organized into fully registered and highly effective treatment paths.
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For a lightened and shaped line: slimming with Sono-Photomassage


The combined application of microcurrents and Sono-Photomassage promotes fat burning with:

  • Reducing action;
  • Slimming action;
  • Remodeling action.

How to reduce cellulite and fat deposits: Electrolipolysis with Sono-Photomassage

The concrete lipolytic action carried out by the polarized microstimolation of electrolipolysis is positively combined with the vibro-mechanical and hyperthermal massage of ultrasound and with the photo-revitalization of light. In this way, electrolipolysis works even more: in fact, an excellent result is obtained even in the most problematic situations.

For the elimination of excess liquids: Drenomassaggio with Sono-Photomassage

Specific microcurrents draining cellulite are associated with sound waves (Sonomassage) and photomassage for the treatment of imperfections due to water imbalance tissue and lymphatic stagnation. It thus optimizes the activity of the tissues, also improving the appearance of the skin.

To firm the muscles: Electrostimulation

Pulse electromassage technique for a firming, elasticizing and reshaping action at the muscle level. The pleasant invigorating massage provides paths and specific programs for men and women. Electrostimulation is essential for:

  • Firm abdominal muscles;
  • Firming the muscles of the face;
  • Firming the muscles of the arms;
  • Firming the leg muscles;
  • Firm thigh muscles.

To rearrange the image of the face: the aesthetic Micro Lifting

The Multienergy System can also be completed with the exclusive myototonological face lifting methodology, which attenuates wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, lip nose wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, expression wrinkles. The treatment also reduces muscle fatigue, improves expression and rejuvenates the features, for a more harmonious and refined appearance.
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