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X-Wave Waterair

The pulsed light for innovative, effective and delicate aesthetic use on the skin

Pulsed light: air or water cooling? Better X-Wave Waterair, pulsed air light plus water.

In a single system, all the advantages of a double cooling.

Professional hair removal treatment: an increasing trend, a continuous challenge

It is really amazing to observe how the demand professional hair removal treatments has grown in recent years. Women of all ages, but also many men, turn daily to beauty salons to request complete treatments. In particular, here are the most requested hair removal treatments by customers:

  • Hair removal shoulders and back for men;
  • Depilation arms man;
  • Hair removal legs;
  • Hair removal in the groin;
  • Complete hair removal;
  • Depilation armpits;
  • Depilation of arms;
  • Permanent facial hair removal;
  • Hair removal moustaches;
  • Complete hair removal.

As the demands become more and more specific, our solutions are becoming more and more cutting-edge and our goals increasingly clear: to satisfy the customer and generate new development opportunities in the field of professional aesthetics.

X-Wave Waterair pulsed light, how it works: fast, gentle, innovative

Speed and delicacy. These are the highlights of the innovative X-Wave Waterair pulsed light system. With a really fast charging time, starting from 1.5 seconds, it guarantees amazing hair removal performance even on particularly large areas. The pulsed X-Wave Waterair light, not to be confused with the laser, uses an intense light source with a wide spectrum of emission (from 590 to 980 nanometers), respecting at all times the sensitivity of the epidermis.

Pulsed light, how to use: light and thermal energy.

The fastest and safest weapons for effective professional hair removal

X-Wave Waterair exploits the controlled emission of high intensity light energy that, once absorbed by the hair tissues, is transformed into thermal energy, which progressively and spontaneously produces a professional hair removal action (principle of selective photothermolysis).
The innovative Waterair technology: all the advantages of a combined cooling
The innovation is already evident from the name: Waterair, that is air and water together. A winning combination that maximizes the benefits of both cooling systems, enhancing treatment performance. Usually the choice of a pulsed light system puts in front of an inevitable crossroads: pulsed light, air or water? Water systems offer a fast charging time between one emission and another and a prolonged working time before the cooling pause in pulsed light, but are often subject to technical drawbacks due to the passage of water into the firing chamber. Air loads, on the other hand, offer the right balance between performance, reliability and operating costs but, in the case of particularly important workloads, they may need some cooling breaks.Waterair, on the other hand, synthesizes the best of both systems: pulsed air light plus water. In this way, it offers fast charging times, a practically continuous working mode, great reliability and a unique maintenance simplicity. All at more than reasonable cost.
The new Waterair pulsed light cooling system: water and air run on parallel tracks
The advanced Waterair, system, thanks to its system of pulsed air plus water light, incorporates two independent cooling areas in the pulsed light and uses air to cool the lamp and filter, water to cool the complete block of the firing chamber. In this way, the water does not come into contact with the lamp and its electrical parts and, consequently, does not compromise the emission wavelength in any way. Flowing into a pond compartment, the water allows to cool the parts subjected to thermal stress, but practically it is as if there were not. In simple words: water is there, it acts but does not damage. Another advantage of Waterair pulsed light is maintenance, which is performed as in a normal air cooling system.
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The benefits of the Waterair X-Wave system:
more results, less stress for everyone

With the pulsed light system X-Wave Waterair the stress and fatigue of classic professional hair removal treatments are a distant memory. The working method ensures fast, safe and comfortable applications that put customers at ease and do not strain the operator. Its unique emission system allows you to always use the maximum light intensity and automatically adapt the energy transmitted to the skin by changing the duration of the pulses. The application of the treatment is therefore easier, practical and faster, both on large areas and on smaller and sensitive ones.
Excellent results for men and women: evident results already after a few applications
The X-Wave Waterair pulsed light system guarantees truly amazing progressive performances in a short time. The treatments are calibrated ad hoc on the subject as well as the repetition of them. On average it is possible to achieve good results already with 6/10 applications.
Pleasant and visible anti-aging action: photorejuvenation
X-Wave Waterair pulsed light also means photorejuvenation. Its delicate biostimulation relaxes, tones and reassembles the tissues of the skin, counteracting skin aging and enhancing the epidermis. X-Wave Waterair acts positively through the close emission of lightning flashes of very short duration, whose sequence is automatically managed by the system for progressive, active and energetic treatments.
Research, innovation, experience
The aesthetic and medical equipment of the Avantgarde series allow advanced and exclusive treatments and are entirely designed and designed by researchers Cerri Italia, a company specialized in the production of aesthetic and medical methodologies and equipment, with over 60 years of industry-specific experience. The application of the treatment is recommended for subjects with fair skin, belonging to phototypes 1, 2 and 3.
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