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X-Body Advance SP

Innovation in a technology In a single system Lipo-Sonication, Radiofrequency and Subdermic Vacutonic Massage
X-Body Advance SP brings a revolution in your technologies. It is in fact a multi-combinated system for Transdermal Lipo-Sonication, Radiofrequency, Vacutonic System, Ultrasound and Photomassage treatments, ideal for gbody treatments, breast beauty treatments, gluteal treatments and anti age facial treatments.
X-Body Advance SP: all the best of Technology

X-Body Advance SP is a holistic system, which releases a multi-active action capable of acting on skin imperfections, body imperfections, leg imperfections, breast imperfections, buttock imperfections and facial imperfections. X-Body Advance SP combines the most advanced technologies to make the individual treatments more complete and performing. The strength of Transdermal Lipo-Sonication, which acts decisively on fat and cellulite, merges with the energy of Radiofrequency to firm the skin of the body, firming the skin of the face and to improve overall skin quality, and is completed with the Vacutonic system for a draining, shaping and rejuvenating action.

X-Body Advance SP represents the perfect union of the most innovative methods and marks a new benchmark in the search for excellence in the result.
What are the application technologies of the X-Body Advance SP Method? Let’s see them together.

  • Transdermal Lipo-Sonication
  • Radio frequency RFSystem
  • Vacutonic System SP
Cellulite, what to do? Try Transdermal Lipo-Sonication: the strength of micro bubbles
This technology is based on a physical phenomenon called sonication. When a fluid is subjected to the action of a particular and intense ultrasonic field, it generates within it microscopic bubbles. Under certain conditions, these microbubbles tend to implode, producing a wave of energy. The Transdermal Lipo-Sonication does nothing but reproduce the physical phenomenon within the adipose tissue and exploit the energy produced by microbubbles to mobilize fat cells and thus put the adipe ko.
Cellulite, how to eliminate it: with Transdermal Lipo-Sonication, an innovative energy against fat and cellulite
The Transdermal Lipo-Sonication acts without compromise on fat and cellulite and allows you to achieve, gradually, a significant and precise body reshaping. A new and safe method that raises the standard of results and marks the beginning of a new path in localized slimming programs, such as those for:
  • Slimming the legs;
  • Slim the arms;
  • Slim the hips;
  • Slim the abdomen;
  • Slim your face.
The RFSystem Radio Frequency Massage: pleasant, intense and effective
A pleasant RF energy is transmitted in a controlled way to the tissues. The user immediately experiences a pleasant feeling of relaxation while, at the tissue level, develops an intense thermal effect biologically active. The resulting action is particularly performing in the treatment of skin blemishes such as fat and cellulite, in the firming of the body and in the general improvement of skin quality.
Radiofrequency, what is it for? It is versatile against fat, cellulite and to promote tissue firming
This technology develops a multi-active action that optimizes tissue activity and nutrition, promotes the natural process of fat burning and improves the difficult situation of “cold” areas dominated by cellulite. The energy of Radiofrequency also allows you to go to tone the body, with “stretching effect” on skin laxity.
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Rejuvenation Face & Anti-aging RFSystem: the pleasant effects of Energetic Massage
The controlled transmission of RF energy on the face, in addition to being particularly pleasant, produces a smoothing of the skin folds and wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, lip nose wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, expression wrinkles, wrinkles on the sides of the mouth or wrinkles on the neck. This also determines a distension of the strokes (lifting effect) and allows you to go to stretch the skin in a perceptible way, increasing its density, tension, tone and brightness.
Vacutonic System SP: the joys of a sweet rhythmic massage

This system combines the pleasant effects of rhythmic decompression massage, whose effectiveness and pleasantness are now proven internationally. The Vacutonic System SP allows you to modulate energy, to optimize tissue applications and amplify the effectiveness of treatments aimed at:

  • slim the legs;
  • slim your arms;
  • slim the hips;
  • slim the calves;
  • slimming the face;
  • slim the abdomen;
  • drain excess liquids;
  • shape the body;
  • firm the buttocks;
  • firm the breast;
  • firm the arms;
  • firm the legs;
  • firm the abdomen;
  • rejuvenate the body.


Innovation in the form of Rollers, Spheres, Photomassage and Sonomassage
The forerunner of future trends in the field of aesthetic treatment, Vacutonic SP revolutionizes the concept of Subdermic Massage. Its strength lies in the ability to exploit the positive energy of light (Photomassage at 638 and 904 nanometers) and Ultrasound (Sonomassage) and combine it with the use of Rollers and Spheres. The Vacutonic SP treatment involves a first automatic phase, in which the skin tissues are prepared by the combined application of Light and Ultrasound, and then develops into a manual massage with Rollers, Spheres and Photomassage. The roller handpiece generates a controlled depression, sucking the skin and forming a skin fold that is effectively massaged with a movement of “rolling and unrolling”. The Vacuspheres sliding massage technique is used in the treatment with the ball handpiece.
The Vacutonic Breast & Buttock Treatment: “expansive gymnastics” for a more defined silhouette
The Seno & Glutei method uses special volumizing cups specially shaped for aesthetic breast treatments and beauty treatments for buttocks. The system performs the massage automatically, in a gentle way, by sucking and rhythmically decompressing the treated area developing a pleasant “expansive gymnastics”. This results in an improvement in the texture of the skin tissues, with a visible increase in breast volume and a fundamental action, of course, to increase the volume of the buttocks.
The Vacutonic Facial Treatment: skin tissue firming and facial rejuvenation
Vacutonic Viso promotes elasticization, maintenance and toning of skin tissues and is decisive for toning the skin of the face. Thanks, in fact, to the positive action of light, produces a pleasant anti-aging effect. The treatment also improves the surface microcirculation and gently drains excess fluid, with a deep hydro-regulating action.
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