Medical Wellness

Medical Wellness, the Cerri Italia Project

Medical Wellness is non-invasive aesthetic medicine

The medical aesthetic and wellness sector is unquestionably the most expanding market in Italy; an inexhaustible reality in contrast to the crisis, with an estimated turnover of 18.2 billion euros per year (Istat data). Well-being and beauty without giving up, as a way of being and thinking, to satisfy the main need of pleasing oneself for pleasure, to feel good with oneself, with others and for a better quality of life.

Cerri Italia, with the Medical Wellness Project, highlights the scientific medical aspects related to prevention and self-care, identifying the medical professional as the main actor in the culture of psychophysical well-being.
Medical Wellness is non-invasive aesthetic medicine: to act on the imperfections of the skin of face and body, with performing and effective technologies, in a scientific and progressive, also as preparation and completion to cosmetic surgery for the best synergy of result.

Medical Wellness is the aesthetic of the smile: a new service available to the dentist and dentist with anti-aging rejuvenation and tissue prevention around the mouth.

The non-invasive aesthetic is easy thanks to the Cerri Partnership and its Financial Formulas

Cerri Italia is an expert partner for medical professionals interested in evaluating the patient approval rating for non-invasive medical beauty and smile services, offering the possibility to know the
Medical Wellness Project without initial investments.

Thanks to the Cerri Partnership Formula, you enter the world of non-invasive medical aesthetics without risk, benefiting from a network of skills, support, methods, solutions and training courses that facilitate the start-up of the new service. The Medical Wellness Project is an opportunity for development and diversification that ensures satisfied and loyal patients. It is easy to become a partner of Cerri Italia: talk to one of our Advisors and start to expand your firm’s offer of services.

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