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Laser Hair Removal Professional Triple Wave

Laser Hair Removal Professional Triple Wave Multidiode 808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm
Laser hair removal with three mixed wavelengths: 808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm, the cutting edge of the new defocused technology. They allow to obtain advantages never reached until now.

Laser Diodo

Triple Wave Diode Laser  808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm. Why choose it? Let’s hear it from the direct opinion of leading industry experts.

The dermatologist: «Triple Wave laser hair removal has no rivals»

Why it is better not to settle for a Mono Onda laser hair removal

«Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave, the diode laser with three wavelengths mixed, differs from conventional lasers by the simultaneous emission of three light beams (808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm), concentrated in a single powerful pulse flow of diode laser waves. This technology allows you to make an UP Grade treatment increasing the effectiveness without possible comparison with normal mono-wave lasers. How does it work? The laser light for hair Triple Wave, thanks to its differentiated and greater penetration and its absorption also by the cromoforo water, increases and evens in depth the heat profile of the professional hair removal treatment for a more effective and performing, while also significantly improving the epidermal appearance. The high diode power at 808 nm combined with the stimulation depth at 950 nm and the efficiency of laser hair light at 1064 nm facilitate the achievement of important results even in cases where you have difficulties with other conventional lasers. The laser hair removal method Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave is based on the transformation of light into heat (selective photothermolysis). The laser energy is absorbed by the stem and the hair tissues and is converted into heat, thus increasing the temperature of the follicles. When the temperature is high enough, damage to the structure of the follicle is obtained, which regresses after a certain period thanks to natural physiological processes, achieving the purpose of progressive hair removal for a beautiful and smooth skin for a long time».
Melanin is the main target of the triple-wave diode laser
«The main target of the triple wave diode laser is melanin. What is it? It is a polymer produced by melanocytes and used by the body as a pigment. The term «selective photothermolysis» derives from the fact that laser light for hair  at 808, 950 and 1064 nanometers is harmless to the skin and its structures, but is selectively absorbed by the melanin-rich hair follicle. The follicles, which are in the anagenic phase, have the largest amount of melanin and can absorb the clear energy that comes from the triple wavelength diode laser. This energy damages the hair follicle and alters its ability to develop more hair. Over time, the hairs will fall outwards and the growth will be slowed down until the progressive disappearance, in view of the achievement of the final hair removal».
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Chromophore, diode laser and stratified penetration
«Colored substances that absorb light are called chromophores. The main chromophores found in the skin are melanin, hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin) and water. Each chromophore has a different absorption depending on the wavelength of the light. Depending on the wavelength range used, you can then hit one target rather than another. The chromophore, absorbing the light, heats up and transmits heat to the surrounding tissues. The Triple Wave Diode Laser, with its stratified penetration, uses an emission spectrum that mainly affects the melanin chromophore; and also, to a lesser extent, oxyhemoglobin and water».

The biomedical engineer: «The Triple Wave Diode Laser is the Formula of Progress»

Power, Purity and Precision of Triple Wave Diode Laser

Triple Wave diode laser, the extraordinary results of technological innovations

Innovation and power set unprecedented standards for the future of non-invasive aesthetic applications. The optimized blend of the three wavelengths is ideal for laser hair removal treatments. Thanks to the three wavelengths, a radius of action of perfect and differentiated depth is obtained, which easily penetrates the dermis and is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicles».

Suitable for all phototypes from 1 to 6
«The combination with the laser light for hair  at 1064 nm offers as an advantage a targeted action and safer in subjects of dark skin and in the summer periods. Thanks to its greater penetration and its absorption also by the chromophore  water, increases in depth the thermal profile of the laser hair removal treatment».
Laser hair removal, the ambition to reinterpret the concept
«The triple-wave diode laser uses a brand new diode technology  capable of emitting high-resolution, uniform beams of light with symmetrical divergence and remarkable reflectivity. Features that guarantee an optimal penetration of the laser light for hair».
Triple Wave diode laser, designed for outstanding performance
«To speed up the simultaneous release of the three wavelengths, Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave is equipped with a powerful 1,200 watt laser generator. The measurement of the sapphire area is optimal, ensuring precision, control and safety for each application».
Aptitude for comfort of treatment
«The Handpiece with refrigerated surface and the exclusive cooling system with ultra-cold chiller expresses itself at its best in every treatment condition for the best application comfort».
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Laser hair removal, customization and safety
«The three mixed light beams allow a calibrated energy supply with variable fluence up to 40 J/cm2. Pulse duration from 10 to 300 ms. with the possibility to split the spots and use the multispots mode. Triple Wave Laser  gives the best of itself on large, medium and small areas as well as on the most delicate areas offering the best solution for every type of hair and skin».

Very Long Life

«The Triple Wave Diode Laser has a longer lifespan than conventional lasers. Its technology has a high threshold of resistance even at higher temperatures».
Technology Industry 4.0
«Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave meets the requirements of the Industry 4.0 Transition Plan and is therefore subject to the expected tax benefits».
The Marketing Expert: «Laser hair removal, in an inflated market who innovates wins»
Professional hair removal, market analysis
«The non-invasive aesthetic sector is unquestionably the most expanding market in Italy; an inexhaustible reality in contrast to the “crisis”, with an estimated turnover of 18.2 billion euros per year (Istat data)».
Professional hair removal, its profitability
«The demand for professional hair removal treatments is experiencing a moment of great development. The demand for permanent hair removal is growing also at the level of men’s hair removal, as well as always, of course, that for all women’s hair removal treatments. In particular, here are the most requested hair removal treatments by consumers:
  • Hair removal shoulders and back for the man;
  • Depilation arms man;
  • Hair removal legs;
  • Hair removal groin;
  • Complete groin hair removal;
  • Depilation armpits;
  • Hair removal arms;
  • Permanent facial hair removal;
  • Hair removal moustaches;
  • Complete hair removal».
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Diode laser, it’s time to act.
Differentiated from the inflated Mono Onda laser hair removal market «Consumers have clear ideas. They do not ask for simple hair removal treatments: they mainly ask for laser hair removal treatments. Being ready to meet this demand represents a great opportunity for growth and profit. Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave is the best solution to innovate, win the competition, stand out from the normal offer of the market and meet the demand of consumers».
Lightsystem Laserwave Triple Wave Anticipates the Future
  • Triple Laser Wave 808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm
  • Fast and Powerful with reduced treatment times
  • Layered, deeper and more effective action
  • Activation of three chromophores (melanin, oxyhemoglobin and water)
  • Maximum customization even for dark skins
  • Even more comfortable and not annoying seats
  • For Women and Men
  • Satisfied customers and patients: ideal even in the most complex cases
  • Safe and active on all skin phototypes
  • Delicate and ultracold: handpiece with refrigerated surface
  • Also in summer: continuous use 12 months a year
  • Diodes Very Long Life: life and use above average
  • Made in Italy: designed, built and assisted in Italy
  • Subject to tax benefits 4.0
  • Rapid economic return: growth in turnover and high profitability
  • Easy to get: thanks to exclusive laser rental formulas
  • Telemanutention and Remote Diagnosis
  • Warranty extension up to 3 years


Laser Source: Triple Wave Diodes of the latest generation Wavelengths: 808 nm, 950 nm and 1064 nm Density: 40J/cm2 max Generator power: 1200w Sapphire area size: 13x13mm Intense models and 22x13mm Extended model Multi spot emission: 1 to 12 pulses per second Single spot emission: 1 to 3 fractional pulses Duration of each pulse: 10 to 300 ms Ultra efficient and durable laser handpiece Cooling treated area: da 0° to 10° C° Power supply: various power supplies from 90 to 240 v. – 50/60 Hz
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