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Pressomassage Face and Body

Pressomassage Face and Body: the absolute pleasure of a global treatment

The new concept: Pressowell Face & Body. The professional pressomassage has reached the absolute totality.

Pressomassage, the benefits against skin imperfections of face and body: when liquids lose their balance

Most of the imperfections imperfections are often caused by a water imbalance tissue, which leads to an inevitable accumulation of liquids and slag at the local level. The consequences are well known, unfortunately: skin imperfections such as gradual weighting of the physiognomy, decay of the epidermal appearance and loss of elasticity. Cellulite and the so-called orange peel skin appear on the body, while the face slowly abandons its natural definition.

The Pressowell Face & Body Drenomassaggio: total and complete.

Also in pleasure Pressowell Face & Body is the first truly holistic drenomassaggio system. Its action is total, because it is directed to every part of the body, including the face. The benefits of pressomassage are vast: it treats imperfections really effectively, giving the customer all the pleasure of an almost manual massage. The Pressowell Face & Body pressomassage machine performs a gentle and pleasant drainage massage with intermittent compression on the whole body (face, neck, upper limbs, waist, lower limbs), producing a hydro-activehigh performance regulator in the treatment of all major skin blemishese, such as:
  • imperfections of the face
  • imperfections of the body
  • imperfections of the arms
  • imperfections of the abdomen
  • imperfections of the legs.
This is why the Pressowell Face & Body pressomassage promotes the collection and elimination of fluids and interstitial waste, facilitates the activity of tissue exchange, facilitates the influx of new nutrients, thereby improving the appearance of the skin.
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Intelligent technology: gentle and silent massages, extremely relaxing treatments

The pressomassage Pressowell Face & Body is the ideal companion for an effective massage, and at the same time, extreme relaxation. Its precise computerized control of the working pressure for each sub-area allows the execution of the massage even with very low compression values, thus increasing the pleasure of the treatment. The possibility of varying the times of pressure maintenance for each point favors a personalized application, which is very close to the technique of manual lymphatic drainage massage. Its silent operation also ensures maximum acoustic comfort at cabin level.

The Pressowell Face & Body Anatomical Set: custom-made accessories

The inflatable accessories of the Pressowell Face & Body Pressure Massage Machine have been designed and developed to adapt anatomically to various physiognomies and different physical sizes. Equipped with independent sectors with physiological compression, these accessories boast an external coating of sturdy tear-resistant material and an internal one of non-toxic and antifungal fabric, easy to clean. The system Presso Set Anatomico Pressowell Face & Body is characterized by a practical pouch with retractable tubes, to make it even easier to use and tidy up.

16 sectors for 360º performance: massage face and body optimally

The strength of Pressowell Face & Body is its ability to create a kind of real holistic massage. This advanced pressomassage system stands out for its ability to work in synergy and simultaneously on face and body, making a unique and truly complete treatment. Of course, all combinations for localized applications are also possible.

Programmed and programmable: 40 programs plus memory card

The basic memory of the pressomassage Pressowell Face & Body has various programs (Vodder, Ascending, Physiological, etc.) for total treatments on face and body, or partial depending on the need. You can also create new custom programs, using the handy storage system using Memory Card. The Info System online help service and software allow you to easily select and set the desired treatments.

Research, Innovation, Experience

The innovative machines of the Avantgarde series allow advanced and exclusive treatments and are entirely designed and designed by the researchers of Cerri Italia: a company specialized in the production of methodologies and equipment for aesthetic use, with over 60 years of industry-specific experience.
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